Co-branded Card Programs

Atlantcards has made its mark in the financial industry by offering customized products for each of our clients. Many big names in the financial sector have longstanding and loyal relationships with us. We work with them to provide more effective ways to manage their organization’s finances with prepaid card programs.

Partner With Us to Grow Your Business

Whether our clients require data retrieval services carried out with highly secure technology platforms, or reliable process paper checking services, we provide them with co-branded credit card products that meet their requirements.

Why Choose Us?

We are a trusted name in the prepaid card program financial industry, providing smart solutions to a plethora of clients. We ensure our clients get the best of services, by offering affordable packages, and 24/7 customer support.

Better Manage Your Data with Our Data Management Platform

Proper data management and retrieval services are required by every organization. Financial companies are involved in handling transactions 24/7, and require a smart yet easy-to-use co-branded card program tool for carrying out these tasks.

We provide a web based platform integrated with advance features which ensure that everything goes smoothly and securely. Using the prepaid debit cards platforms, clients can ensure a secure data retrieval, timely payment and efficient report handling.
It’s easy to use, customizable and ensures security of your transactions.

Access and Exchange Information with our Data Services

Financial industries are involved in local as well as global operations, and hence require easy ways to accept and transact in a multiple currencies. Using our data services platforms, clients can carry out account number and format conversion, for swift and smooth business dealings with their co-branded cards business partners.

Exclusive Credit Care Services for High Volume Merchants

Large merchant businesses need sophisticated credit card and payment data services. Designed keeping such needs in mind, our package includes superior quality credit card services which make transaction handling all the more easier.

Our Finance Industry Clients

Our co-branded prepaid card solutions are designed to cater to a wide variety of clients., including:

  • Investment Banks
  • Commercial Banks
  • Insurance Companies
  • Brokerages
  • Investment Companies
  • Management Investment Companies
  • Credit Unions
  • And many more

What Do We Offer?

We offer state-of-the-art products and services to all of our clients.




Atlantcards provides Embossed and Un-embossed VISA Prepaid Cards to a wide array of clients. Financial industries, charities, retailers are some of our clients.


Flexible Payment

Services for Financial Companies

Atlantcards offers custom-designed as well turnkey financial products and solutions to financial industries. Alternative payment solutions, secure transaction services and check verification are some of the services we provide together with e-wallet debit cards.


Co-branded Prepaid Card

to boost your company name

Atlantcards offers co-branded corporate platform for your company to get the right type of reach.

Co-branded corporate platform

for companies

Co-branding is a partnership between two companies. We offer co-branded cards opportunities for our clients to collaborate with banks and other finance institutions to help build a name for their company. Co-branded cards help companies reach out to a lot of people and gain attention. Atlantcards offer highly effective co-branding corporate platform for companies to effectively target themselves and gain attention. Also, the clients that will use our co-branded corporate platform will be able to gain a lot of profit.

Innovation and Personalization

When it comes to co-branded credit cards, our company provides the best customizable options for your company’s customers. We realize that in this age of innovation and personalization, people want their credit cards to describe them. We offer innovative co-branded credit card designs that can be personalized with a picture of the credit card holder.

Meeting Demands

We know that our customers want their prepaid credit cards, co-branded card or any type of card to be customized upon their will. We offer print-on-demand services for customers that want their co-branded cards to say something about them or reflect their personality.

The Benefits of Getting a Co-Branded Card

A co-branded card helps your business reach out to a mass audience. Your customers will benefit from your name on the card and in return you will be able to market yourself in an effective way. Co-branded corporate platform helps companies grow and succeed. It has proven to be an effective marketing tool and we offer co-branded corporate platforms to our clients along with designing the co-branded card.
Co-branded corporate platform that we offer is to help companies built their image in this competitive market. We focus on providing the best costs with the highest ratio of benefits for our clients.


Our Aim

Our aim is to provide our customers with the best credit card manufacturing services. Whether our customers want to get a personalized co-branded card or a digital print on a plastic, we offer everything within affordable rates.

Atlantcards strives to meet our client’s needs. We want our clients to stay happy and content and enjoy personalized services. Our card manufacturing is huge and no matter how many digital-printed or customized plastic cards you need, we will deliver you with the best quality. 

Embossed and Unembossed Cards

All our services and products aim to provide convenience and greater utility to our clients.  We offer a plethora of credit card issuance and processing services to let our clients carry out secure and swift transactions

The function and usage of and embossed and unembossed vary and both the prepaid card programs can be used for a multitude of payments.

Unembossed cards function in the same way as any other prepaid card. Unembossed cards have the cardholder’s information printed on them, instead of embossed on them. The card has these particulars printed on them:

  • Name
  • Primary account number (PAN)
  • Security character
  • Validity date
Benefits of Using Unembossed Cards

Unembossed co-branded credit cards work on electronic terminals. The cards are designed in a manner to minimize the risk of fraud and theft. So the card holders can get convenience and security in one card.

Our company provides premium quality embossed cards to businesses as well as non-commercial clients. Embossed cards provide an easy and hassle-free way making payments. The card holders can carry out transactions and pay bills easily.

Uses of Embossed Cards

The card can be used for

  • Paying bills in restaurants
  • For fuel bills
  • And much more

Embossed cards provide the card holders with a great deal of convenience since they can be used for online and offline purchases. The cards can be used for making transactions in around 20 million locations.

Our company offers virtual cards with real embossed designs in black or gold.

About the Company

We are a growing company serving clients belonging to diverse business backgrounds. Our products and solutions include loyalty cards, rewards and cash back prepaid credit cards, money transfer, virtual cards, payment solutions, ATM solutions, program management platforms and many more.

Our Clients


We cater to a wide array of clients some of which are


  • Credit Unions
  • Investment Banks
  • Microfinance institutions
  • Payroll companies
  • Third party processors
  • Trade companies

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